IDG Contributor Network: How to be an edgy CIO

Edge computing is not new, but its applications for business have rapidly evolved over the past decade. I initially implemented an edge solution for ACI Specialty Benefits back in 2010 because we were collecting petabytes of wearable and biometric data. The delivery, processing, and storage of this data became too expensive and latent to ship and translate into usable real-time analytics. With the need to reduce network latency, bandwidth requirements and cost, it made sense to process this data closer, or at the edge, of our wide area network (WAN).

While ACI’s initial deployment was designed well before edge really took off, today there are numerous use-cases and a wide range of providers, from telecommunications to data centers, investing in and utilizing edge. Although edge technology creates a unique opportunity for business leaders, it also has the potential to cause a lot of confusion within the boardroom.

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