IDG Contributor Network: In healthcare IT, what's the minimum position to take in AI investments?

A PCP once told me, diabetes patients are one of the hardest groups to adhere to their treatment plans because diabetes doesn’t cause immediate or intense pain. On the IT side, the equivalent is the “nice to have” technology. You will need your computers, storage, security, EMR, etc. but what the minimum investment you should make is, if at all, in advanced technology like artificial intelligence (AI) is much harder to answer.

In a report published recently by HHS, Artificial Intelligence for Health and Health Care, the organization tasked with the study, JASON (an independent group of scientists and academics that has been advising the Federal government on matters of science and technology for over 50 years), concluded that “unlike previous eras of excitement over AI, the potential of AI applications in health may make this era different…” The report also concluded “AI is beginning to play a growing role in transformative changes now underway in both health and health care, in and out of the clinical setting. At present the extent of the opportunities and limitations is just being explored.” It means the innovators and some early adopters are in, and whether to invest depends on what position on the adoption curve you want to play.

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