Solutico University Training

Blended Training

Solutico delivers blended training products that benefit your organization through lasting measures is the value we provide. This training can be done standup, teleconference, or both. The deliverables we present become artifacts for you to use and keep for use. Our capabilities also allow us to deliver by online methods such as WebEx or hosting podcasts online to listen to with the paper deliverables.

We understand each training situation is different, from the audience to the location to the topic to the delivery methods used to provide maximum impact. We dedicate our efforts to find the right method and environment for the topics you require and will formulate a training schedule with iterative product reviews prior to presentation.

Our Location

Our headquarters are located in the heart of the D.C. Metro area:

3309 Wyndham Circle
Alexandria, VA 22302
(203) 982-6389
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