Our Service Portfolio

Solutico works along side with you to help you solve a need you have already identified, by providing capable staff from our Business Units to institute governance methodologies, implement a phased online presence project, or develop a Statement of Work with us that has been chosen "a-la-carte" from our offerings in a variety of contract types.

Our day-to-day management solutions fall within the long-term goal of implementing our solutions and delivering our services as part of the objective Solutico satisfies for you. The structured processes within our organization are flexible and agile enough to adaptively respond to challenges presented by business needs and new capabilities discovered while working with you. This flexible infrastructure provides the capabilities to make adjustments and reset priorities as required.

Our Location

Our headquarters are located in the heart of the D.C. Metro area:

3309 Wyndham Circle
Alexandria, VA 22302
(203) 982-6389
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