Federal, State, Local, and Civillian Markets

C2C,B2B, B2G IT Solutions

The Great Seal of the United States of America.

Enterprise IT Solutions support for:

  • eGov initiatives
  • Business Process Automation
  • Green Initiatives
  • Cost reductions and efficiency implementations
  • Development, Modernization, Enhancement

State Agency IT Support

The Commonwealth of Virginia's official seal.

We meet your business goals through custom IT support that is:

  • Dedicated and skilled
  • Transparent and accountable
  • State registered and licensed
  • Scaled
  • Delivery focused

Local Agency IT Support

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Our IT solution and support mission is enveloped in your service mission in:

  • Strategic goal support
  • Community enrichment
  • Special projects and recurring initiatives
  • Community initiative support
  • Fiscal responsibility

Commercial and Civilian IT Support

IT Services Solutico provides are:

  • Customized offerings to suit your needs
  • Scaled and on-demand
  • Growth objective support
  • One-time, stop gap measures

Our Location

Our headquarters are located in the heart of the D.C. Metro area:

3309 Wyndham Circle
Alexandria, VA 22302
(203) 982-6389
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