About Us

At Solutico, our employees are our most valuable assets. We offer an environment that fosters creativity, original thought, collaboration, growth, leadership, and teamwork. Our goal is to hire talented individuals that fit the needs of our projects, will return value back into our organization through retention, and deliver continued successes.

Solutico's leadership team is privileged to communicate our business objectives to every employee and translate them into responsibilities and activities to employees at every level. This ensures our success as a company but also reinforces our commitment to each of our customers and the shows in our service to our customers.

The benefit of working with us is validated over time with our due-diligence, our attention to detail, and the integrity of our professional conduct.

Integrity to us is our duty to take ownership for:

  • the decisions we make or fail to make
  • the the actions we take or fail to take
  • the consequences that result from our actions and decisions

Our Location

Our headquarters are located in the heart of the D.C. Metro area:

3309 Wyndham Circle
Alexandria, VA 22302
(203) 982-6389
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